Monday, April 20, 2015

I have concluded...

I have concluded that photojournalism has evolved in many different ways. New technology like the internet, digital cameras, and photoshop has played a part in changing photojournalism. The internet has had a big impact on photojournalism because you can easily upload your photos now and let the wold know what you're covering and why. This has help the news travel fast while using pictures to describe hat's going on. You can use the photos you take on you digital camera and upload them to the internet very quick. Digital cameras have helped change photography and photojournalism because with digital cameras you don't have to use film which make taking pictures quicker and easier. Without digital cameras, to develop a picture you would have to send your film into a developer in a black room. This could take a long time just for a couple photos! And the more you take, the more film you would need. Now with digital cameras, you don't need to worry about that. Photoshop has also changed photography and photojournalism. This is because, with photoshop, you can change/enhance any photo you want to. For photojournalists, using photoshop is a bad thing. This is because photojournalists are always supposed to report on what's happening all around the world, using pictures, and whenever they use photoshop that changes what went on in the picture, so it's almost like lying in a picture. New technology has effected photographers and photojournalists in good and bad ways.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My theory about American history is that with every step forward there is always a setback. My theory is connected to my topic of this project: photojournalism because of the war pictures that photojournalists take.  There are always setbacks in photojournalism because of the risks you are taking in getting close to war and taking a picture of it. When you get a great award winning picture, it could change photojournalism history. The set backs are being criticized in taking pictures of harsh and crewel things without doing anything about it.